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To be at your best, you need a IT solution that perfectly matches your current business needs, with the sustainable lowest TCO & flexibility to change along with you.


Business Continuity

IT Resiliency Solutions, Managed by Recovery Experts

Be prepared for your worst-case scenario, with a comprehensive disaster recovery (DR) plan that can keep your business-critical IT systems up and running. Our DR specialists take a holistic approach, combining people, processes, policies and technologies to create a solution that meets your recovery targets - and your budget.

Consolidate Data Center

Free Your Business from the Cost and Burden of Data Center Operations

To stay ahead in an ever-changing technological landscape, your business must be increasingly agile and cost efficient. But if you're still running your own corporate data center, you could be impeding your growth potential - especially as software vendors shift to license-based, cloud-only subscription models.

By breaking away from the in-house data center, you position yourself to take advantage of these new cost models while modernizing your IT - either as the first step toward a larger IT transformation or as the next stage of an ongoing evolution.

Controlling IT Spend

Reduce Your Capital and Operating Costs, While Modernizing Your IT

When you host your own IT infrastructure, you get the highest levels of accessibility and control. But the costs quickly add up - from capital and operational costs, to indirect business costs like downtime and decreased business agility, plus the staff required to build and maintain it all.

By transitioning your workloads to a managed services provider, you can reduce or eliminate your capital and operational expenses, while also taking advantage of the latest technologies. This allows you to redirect your IT budget and resources to projects that directly benefit your business.

Data Center Breakout

The Data Center Breakout Solution

According to Gartner, 80% of enterprises will have shut down their traditional data centers by 2025. The on-premises data center model simply no longer makes sense for most businesses. They need to stay on top of the latest technologies and shift according to their business needs - but they're often locked into a long-term data center commitment that's impeding their growth potential.

Enterprise to Consumerization of IT

Let focus on business and bring your IT as a Consumerization

Employees today are blurring the lines between their work and personal lives. People want to use their personal devices to work, often outside of core business hours, but also want the flexibility to utilize the same technologies and applications at work that they use on their personal time. Moreover, they expect this to be a seamless, rich user experience, without downtime or delays when connecting to their corporate networks

IT Compliance Management

Expert Guidance for Your Regulatory and IT Compliance Management

Ever-changing requirements for governance and compliance risk management can leave businesses struggling to address stringent standards for storing and managing data. Whether your work involves, healthcare, you must ensure your sensitive data remains secure.

A full range of standards, including ISO, PCI, HITRUST, HIPAA and Privacy Shield, and we can help you do the same. Let our governance, risk and compliance assistance experts help you achieve your regulatory compliance management goals.

IT as a Services

Free Up Your In-House Experts to Focus on Your Core Business

Managing your own infrastructure and applications in-house may seem like the most straightforward approach to IT management. But with technology growing and evolving at an unprecedented rate, organizations taking the DIY approach are feeling the operational burden of self-management.

IT Transformation-as-a-Service

Transform Your IT While We Do the Heavy Lifting

Business innovation is no longer just about getting ahead of the competition - it's about survival. And getting the most out of your technology stack can mean the difference between forging ahead or lagging behind. According to 451 Research, nearly 80 percent of businesses are looking to transform their IT environments to meet their evolving business needs.

Migration to Cloud

Accelerate the Value of the Cloud

Across every industry, organizations are moving away from traditional IT infrastructure and investing in cloud solutions. With the right cloud strategy, you can drive efficiency through operations automation, grow revenue through innovation, modernize applications and realize cost savings by shifting toward usage-based, pay-as-you-go pricing models.

Productivity and Collaboration

Productivity and Collaboration Solutions Managed by Experts

Increase productivity and collaboration with your choice of industry-leading solutions. Our team of Microsoft®-certified experts can help you choose, deploy and manage the best option to meet your unique business needs.