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Mordern Application

Managed Application Services

With the rapid pace of technological change, it's difficult to keep pace - especially while your critical IT resources are tied up maintaining your existing application infrastructure.

Instead, free up your team by letting our application specialists manage your application hosting environment - across custom, packaged and SaaS apps, on your choice of on-premises, private and public cloud platforms.

With an unrivaled technology portfolio and our commitment to providing an Experience, we can handle all the details, from database services, to administration, application hosting monitoring and maintenance, configuration and more, so you can focus on staying ahead of the technology curve.

Business Intelligence

Managed Services for Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is the ability to analyze customer behavior and obtain valuable insights from your data. BI as a service can help you assess risk, reduce costs and make better business decisions. However, managing and interpreting the flood of data generated by your business can easily consume your resources.

Cloud Catalyst can streamline your analytics process to help you discover efficiencies within your business and derive meaning from your data - and improve business intelligence application.

Use our business intelligence-as-a-service capabilities to boost your bottom line. We have extensive experience managing analytics platforms from IBM®, Microsoft®, Tableau® and Teradata®. All of our managed services are backed by 24x7x365 support.

Data Base Services

Put Our Certified Database Administrators to Work for You

Database administrators (DBAs) are often the unsung heroes of the IT organization, but skilled Database administration is hard to find. That's where Cloud Catalyst can help.

Our certified DBAs are with you through every stage of your project - whether you're in the early stages of your lifecycle, or you're about to undergo a major re-architecture - helping you make decisions that are crucial to the future of your applications.

And we're available 24x7x365 - ready to provide support for your NoSQL and MySQL database hosting databases running on dedicated hardware or Cloud Catalyst Managed Cloud Servers. By allowing us to handle the administrative tasks, your IT team can focus on projects that grow your business.

Cloud Catalyst

Professional Services Designed to Make Your Business More Agile, More Quickly


IT Architecture

Navigate Complex Multi-Cloud Architectures

Whether by design or by default, many enterprises now rely on multiple cloud platforms and a wide variety of cloud native services. Although this diversity creates opportunities for enhancing innovation and efficiency, it can be challenging to optimize performance, cost, security and ROI across this ecosystem.

Instead, free up your team by letting our application specialists manage your application hosting environment - across custom, packaged and SaaS apps, on your choice of on-premises, private and public cloud platforms.

Let our experts help you succeed in the multi-cloud world. We take an agnostic architecture perspective to designing your frameworks and environments - so you can be sure you are getting the most out the complex, evolving cloud market. Our deep managed service experience makes Cloud Catalyst the ideal architecture partner, designing frameworks and environments that help you prioritize ongoing optimization, continuous improvement and ease of management.

Migrations Services

Your modernization strategy relies on successful application migrations. But, in reality, most businesses lack the technical resources, time or knowledge needed to smoothly migrate applications across technologies and platforms - resulting in business risk, disruption and downtime.

In fact, according to Forrester, 80% of organizations are at least two years into their modernization journey, with almost 30% experiencing complications that stalled the migration process. And 40% report that migrations and operations are costing more than forecast.

Cloud Catalyst can streamline your analytics process to help you discover efficiencies within your business and derive meaning from your data - and improve business intelligence application.

Our specialist migration team has the strategy, planning and execution expertise you need, across all application migration scenarios - so you can modernize faster and more successfully, while protecting your business.

IT Operations

Service-Focused Operations That Help You Work More Effectively with the Cloud

According to a 2017 Forbes Insights survey on the state of Information Technology Service Management (ITSM), 42% of organizations realized cost savings in their business processes by implementing more effective operations and service management practices.

Cloud adoption is typically a technology-driven program and often operational management becomes a secondary consideration. But the processes, SLAs and KPIs associated with running cloud operations are very different from those required to deliver the same services from traditional infrastructure.

Let us help evolve your cloud operating model. We take a proactive approach to modernizing your approach to service management in the cloud - so you can work more effectively and ultimately improve your end-user experience.

IT Roadmap Designing

Save your Organization Future

Cloud Catalyst, being one of the industry best experts and contributing as trusted advisor roles in the Services Industry is providing its services to take the yours's Information Technology (IT) to the next level. how the IT department can be optimized to the Dynamic level?

Cloud Catalyst IT expert's providing guidance on the two areas to support infrastructure assessment and Infrastructure roadmap designing.


Expert Guidance for Securing Everything and Maintaining Compliance

IT security and compliance are non-negotiable aspects for protecting agile business practices. A single security breach can cost you more than revenue, potentially bringing business to a stand-still, risking your compliance standing and damaging to your reputation. You need to demonstrate compliance in order to retain your customers' trust and address regulatory requirements.

But finding in-house cybersecurity expertise can be tough, especially when there's a global shortage of security professionals. According to the 2018 Cybersecurity Workforce study, over 60% of respondents report a shortage of dedicated security staff, and the same number believe their organization is at extreme or moderate risk due to the cybersecurity staff shortage.

Protect your IT and your business. Let our team of cybersecurity professionals work with you to address security and compliance in parallel - so you can focus on delivering true value for your business, faster.


Define the Right Strategies and Accelerate Successful Business Change

You want to adopt and consume new technology at the optimal price and performance level. And you need it to deliver value quickly. But to make that happen, you need the right technology strategy, stakeholder engagement across the business and a structured, successful approach to business change.

The Cloud Catalyst Professional Services team is on hand to guide your business approach to technology adoption. We'll engage your stakeholders to build the case for change, set clear expectations and present strategic options based on high-level technical and business analyses.

Our experts help you consider all the factors - from processes and resources to people - so you can deliver real value from your technology investments.

Cloud Catalyst

Cloud Catalyst Managed Security: Taking an Active Approach to Securing Your IT


Managed Security

Cloud Catalyst Managed Security Services: Proactive Threat Detection and Rapid Remediation

Now's the time to adjust your cloud security strategy - before your network perimeter defenses are no longer effective against cyberattacks. Beyond threat prevention, you need swift breach detection and remediation to minimize the time criminals spend in your environment and the harm they can cause.

As a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), Cloud Catalyst not only offers threat monitoring and data protection services but around-the-clock rapid response and remediation services.

Compliance Assistance

Cloud Catalyst Compliance Assistance: Address Your Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Goals

If your business processes credit cards, stores healthcare data or manages personally identifiable information (PII), then there's a good chance that you're required to abide by regulatory mandates and standards, such as PCI-DSS. But thoroughly addressing your cloud security compliance requirements does more than just "check the box," it helps make your business more secure and less vulnerable to attackers with enhanced privacy and data protection.

Privacy and Data Protection

Cloud Catalyst Privacy and Data Protection

We'll also help you assess your threat risk, create custom policies to encrypt and restrict access to sensitive PII data, and report on data access - helping to ensure that your important data remains protected.

When paired with Cloud Catalyst Managed Security, you'll also receive additional 24x7x365 threat monitoring, response and analytics. We can then compare your data access information with other data feeds to identify behavioral anomalies and potential threats.

Enterprise Security

Cloud Catalyst Cloud Computing Security Management

We provide security and compliance services designed to help protect Cloud Catalyst information and physical resources. This effort also focuses on ensuring that Cloud Catalyst has controls in place to manage the risk of interruptions that may impact our service level commitments to you.

Data Backup and Recovery

Fully Managed Data Backup and Recovery Delivered on World-Class Infrastructure

How confident are you in your current data backup processes? Get the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that an industry leader, with experience backing up per year with a 99.8% success rate, is protecting your data. Count on Cloud Catalyst Managed Backup services to help keep your mission-critical data safe and secure.

Disaster Recovery

Highly-Customizable, Fully-Managed and Secure Disaster Recovery Solutions for Enterprise-Grade IT Resiliency

Be prepared for your worst-case scenario, with a comprehensive disaster recovery (DR) plan that can keep your business-critical IT systems up and running. Whether you need help backing up important databases or architecting a complex replication solution across Cloud Catalyst data centers, we have the expertise, technologies and services that your plan needs.

Cloud Catalyst

Managed Operations Frameworks on Dedicated Infrastructures with your Business Use Case


Purpose Built Managed Services

Managed Operations Frameworks on Dedicated Infrastructures with your Business Use Case

Cloud Catalyst' Purpose built manage services designed your business use case basis the Cloud Catalyst also design the operations frameworks on dedicated infrastructures to ensure yours's IT meet the outcome of the business with Standardized, Rationalized and Dynamic levels under the workload centric IT environment